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Did anyone notice…

When the scene cut to Felix and Tamora after he told her about his honey glow in his cheeks that she slid away from Felix and eyed him warily?

First I thought it was hilarious.

Second, I loved how she felt, because I truly believe, no matter if she did have that programed interaction with Brad, she was out of her comfort zone.

Instead of being revered as a tough woman and one who could hang with the guys, he had to deal with the fact she was never thought, since the beginning, as a beautiful woman (all the others had come to fear her and appreciate her for her resourcefulness and willingness to take charge). I believe that a man had never first come to admire and cherish her in such a way that she was the only beautiful thing a man had and will ever laid eyes on.

Felix started to look at her from a different point of view through the eyes of a man that wanted to get to know a woman you know that he courted her with his old-fashioned ways, with the point of view that Tamora was a woman and needed to be looked as a queen and was only to be treated as such. No matter how tough and resourceful she was to others on the outside, that she was the most special woman in the world and had her own unique quirks to fall in love with and would only show her soft side to people who deserved it, deciding to delve past her hard exterior.

This leads me to believe that it took awhile for her to come to terms with everything, and that Felix, the ever patient man, coaxed her feelings out (no matter what the movie says). And instead of the usual ‘disney romance’ where the leading man and woman fall in love in less than 72 hours, it was more realistic than any of the other popular princess movies (besides Mulan). 

I have no idea if that made sense to anyone, but I’ve been wanting to do this rant for awhile… 

Posted: Fri November 30th, 2012 at 3:07pm
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